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Monica Kenney is the new assistant director of Alumni Relations at the Carlson School. In this role, she guides the efforts of the GOLD (Gophers of the Last Decade) program as it plans initiatives to further engage the school’s young alumni and reconnect them to the Undergraduate Programs office.
        “The Carlson School is a phenomenal place to be for a variety of reasons,” she says. “There are so many amazing efforts that are taking place in every corner of this school, and my job is to not recreate, but to simply connect. It excites me to highlight all the wonderful initiatives that are taking place and alert both students and young alumni on how to get involved.”
        Kenney says that many alumni tend to forget, or even never know, that there are staff members dedicated to connecting them to a variety of alumni resources that can be utilized from day one of their collegiate experience and well past graduation. “I want to bring more awareness to this fact and make alumni engagement incredibly accessible to these two audiences,” she says.
        Kenney also manages all Carlson School alumni social media channels. “Within my first year, I would like to not only increase our social media follower numbers, but enhance the level of strategy that is put into our usage of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn,” she says. “I want to make sure that all Carlson School affiliates are not only finding those channels resourceful, but that they feel comfortable taking advantage of them to serve their interests.”
        As for GOLD, Kenney looks to begin developing some traditions among the young alumni population so that there are a set of events that individuals begin to recognize with the GOLD program. “My biggest priority for a long-term goal is to establish the GOLD program so that not only all young alumni are aware of it, but our undergraduates, too,” she says. “I want our undergraduates to be aware of GOLD from day one of their Carlson School experience and to be planning for their involvement with the group well before graduation.”
        Kenney can be reached at mjkenney@umn.edu or (612) 626-8309.

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