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Business School Research.

For many people, research at a college or university conjures up images of test tubes, white mice, and microscopes. The views of research conducted by a business school, however, are far less clear. For that reason, this issue of Carlson School centers around research, with the central questions: What does research at a business school actually entail and why is it important?
        Like the hard sciences, Carlson School business research revolves around the scientific method of forming hypotheses, gathering information to test them, and drawing conclusions from the results. The results find application in companies throughout the world and with students who gain a tremendous edge in learning lessons from the past and being able to evaluate the emerging opportunities of tomorrow.
        In this issue, you will hear from company representatives on how Carlson School research has significantly altered the way they do business. For example, Kemps, a Minnesota-based food company, with the help of Professor Art Hill, implemented a Lean Sigma process improvement program resulting in significant cost savings. And Assistant Professor Carlos Torelli has recently completed work on corporate social responsibility – a topic that has been carried widely by the news media.
        Besides creating breakthrough research, the Carlson School is heavily invested in nurturing future generations of thought leaders through our PhD program. Since 1948, when the Carlson School began offering PhD degrees, our PhD graduates have gone on to add to the knowledge base of an enormous array of business-related topics. In this issue, several of our graduates and PhD candidates share with us their passion for research and the inroads they have made into their respective fields.
        The Carlson School has many strengths. And running through them is an ongoing thirst to explore, challenge, learn, and lead through research – research that may not utilize test tubes, white mice, and microscopes but that truly impacts the lives of people worldwide. I hope you find this issue of Carlson School interesting and stimulating and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please feel free to use my blog (http://blog.lib.umn.edu/csweb/deansblog/) located on the Carlson School website.

Sri Zaheer, Interim Dean
Elmer L. Andersen Chair in Global Corporate Social Responsibility

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